client testimonials

“I can highly recommend Pilates for anyone at any age.  I have been doing it for 10 years and there’s no question that it is mainly responsible for my fitness at the age of 71.  In Pilates at Weston Town Center,  the training is individual and suited to each person’s age and ability.  Through Pilates I have developed an awareness of my body and control over my movements.” Bonnie Ebstein

“…Thank you so much for developing my Pilates skills. I am committed to continue with the sessions because I found in your studio professionalism and care. The back problem I had is gone and this brought back quality of life to me… ” Maritza Zea

“Pilates has not only corrected my back issues, I’m stronger all over now.  I’m getting very physically fit in just a short amount of time.  I go to the studio twice a week, for an hour, and I’d love to go three times a week, but I just can’t with my work schedule.  I could knock myself on the head for not starting Pilates sooner….”  Pamela Boni

“I love the variety of equipment which facilitates an endless range of exercises. I love the atmosphere, people and the personal attention I receive. When I walk through the door, it’s about me and what I need for the day.”  Jeremy Affeldt

“Small classes. Personal attention by the most professional instructors which allows you to advance at your own pace. Nice & pleasant atmosphere.Since I began my fitness has improved. I look forward to each session.” Roberta Yares



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