Pilates for Everyone

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”

Whether your intention is to change your shape, alleviate pain, improve your game, or just to have a fun and interesting workout, you will find it all here, at Pilates at Weston Town Center.

  • Pilates as your total body-conditioning program, maximizing your athletic performance.
  • Pilates for business and professional people.
  • Pilates for those who suffer from back pain, chronic pain and joint stress and overweight.
  • Pilates for pregnant Women (pre and post natal).


Pilates program for Men

Pilates emphasizes core and abdominal strength. Men will quickly tone and define their abdominal musculature as they watch their “love handles” vanish.
As posture improves, men will find themselves standing taller and straighter than before! Pilates equipment is specially designed to sculpt and define muscles while increasing flexibility and range of motion.


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